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Őszinte képeket posztolt melleltávolító műtétjéről egy fiatal lány

Lesley Murphy igazi Insta-sztár, akit rajongói csodás utazós fotói miatt imádnak. Utóbbi képein azonban nem meseszép helyeket posztolt, hanem melleltávolító műtétének részleteit osztotta meg.

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Őszinte képeket posztolt melleltávolító műtétjéről egy fiatal lány

A 29 éves lány irigylésre méltó életet él, hiszen a hobbija a munkája: utazásairól blogol és oszt meg képeket, ezért nem is csoda, hogy már közel negyed millióan követik kalandjait Instagramon. Nemrég azonban mellrákot diagnosztizáltak anyukájánál, ezért eldöntötte, hogy megvizsgáltatja magát, vajon mekkora esélye van a betegségre. Sajnos a teszt eredménye pozitív lett, és kiderült, hogy Lesley-nél nagyon magas a kockázata a mellrák kialakulásának. Ezért – akárcsak Angelina Jolie 2013-ban – ő is a dupla masztektómia mellett döntött.

I've been thinking on what message to put out there about power, courage, and love and then it hit me… #InternationalWomensDay is the perfect time to share what I've been up to the past few weeks. It has nothing to do with exciting new destinations or more stamps in my passport. A couple of weeks ago I found out I'm BRCA2 positive, which means I'm at a high risk for breast and ovarian cancer one day. Buzzzz kill. I know. But it's true what they say – knowledge is power. I'm left with a few options and have decided that preventative surgery is what I want over various screenings multiple times a year. A double mastectomy at 2freaking9. Wtf?! Yep, it's happening. In no way am I looking for pity through this story. I've wanted to share the news since the beginning simply to be an advocate for early screenings, detections and girl power👊🏻Bear with the choppy edits/audio. Day 2 video is coming (reconstruction/plastics, exciting stuff!) but in the interim, I'll be celebrating boobs, knowledge, taking action, and my breast cancer surviving mother today💞PS if you see dirt on my forehead, I shot this on Ash Wednesday😜

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Mivel a műtét előtt nem talált részletes leírást a beavatkozásról, elhatározta, hogy saját történetén keresztül mutatja be, mit is élnek át azok a nők, akik bevállalják a melleltávolítást.

On this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy… 💉 4. The 4th and final piece to the surgery day puzzle is finally here and all inside the O.R. where it gets a little graphic, even though I spared y'all a lot of the blood and guts, literally.😱I found it so incredibly fascinating to see this stuff since my mind immediately goes to Grey's Anatomy type scenarios, aka not real life! The first photos are of me arriving to the OR, of which I have zero recollection😂👍🏻Then you'll see the amazing Dr. Ochoa taking out my breast tissue (video included and her Hello Kitty cap is everything). After her work is done, the talented Dr. Wright, my plastic surgeon, places my expanders inside my chest (another video) and closes me up! So incredibly thankful for these amazing humans who are so good at what they do, while loving what they do.💞In complete awe. New blog post is live: My Surgery Day in 24 Photos (link in bio). All photo and video credit goes to @uamshealth #LesleysBreasties #LesNipsBRCAintheBud #BreastCancerAwareness #FightLikeAGirl

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És komolyan is gondolta, hiszen folyamatosan posztol állapotáról, sőt rövid videókat is megoszt, amin kitakarás nélkül látszódik a műtét helye.

A month ago today, I went under the knife and parted ways with my boobs. My BOOBS. A double mastectomy at 29 years old. AH. My mom took this photo of me in my hospital room right after surgery. The iodine and chest markings are still very visible. You can't see the pain, but it's very much there, too. I woke up and the sun was beginning to set. There was a grilled cheese and chocolate cake in front of me for dinner. I remember being happy… Through the fear and the pain, I was exactly where I was supposed to be. (Well, that could've been the anesthesia hangover talking, but we'll go with it.) Looking back at this day from where I'm sitting now, I'm relieved. I kind of can't believe I made that decision, and so quickly. I found out I was positive for the BRCA 2 gene mutation mid-February and about 50 days later, I was on an O.R. table. I didn't mean for it to happen so fast. March was filled with planned travel and my best friend is getting married this Fall. I knew I wanted to be healed by then. So April it was. April 11th. There was no time like the present. There was no time like NOW to take control of my health. Today, I feel really good. I have boobs again. Well, foobs, but I can't complain. They are literally growing every Tuesday as I receive saline fills, and my doctors are body magicians. In the past 4 weeks, I have read countless stories from y'all about your own trials with breast cancer or gene mutations. I read every message that comes through and want you to know your support has eased my recovery in ways you can't imagine. I hope my posts and blogs have in turn helped those walking a similar path. Lastly, to my nurses: we couldn't do it without you. Happy National Nurses Week💗

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My Sunday best, or what I could manage to put on today with limited arm movements.🤷🏼‍♀️My mom washed and dried my hair today. She dresses me in the mornings. She also measures my drains twice daily which are the tubes you see coming out of my lovely red apron I never take off. She's the freaking best. She slept in my hospital room and bed at home for the first few nights, helping me in and out of bed and giving me meds at horrid hours to control the pain. I have to sleep on my back in the exact same position every night. Sometimes when I make the wrong movements it feels like my chest is detaching from my body, but all in all, I think my upper half is healing nicely! Sure, it's sunken in and lumpy because what you see are deflated expanders that were put in which will gradually get filled every 2-3 weeks as I get ready for reconstructive surgery. Hopefully by then the permanent marker will be off my body😂I feel lucky because my surgeons only made one vertical incision on the lower half of both breasts while saving skin & nipple. So while all breast tissue is (hopefully) gone, I retained some of the old me! Happy Sunday. God is good.🙌🏻💞 #LesleysBreasties #LesNipsBRCAintheBud #BreastCancerAwareness #FightLikeAGirl

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A rajongói először meglepődtek, hogy a szokásos utazós fotók helyett Lesley műtéti képei várták őket, de a többség pozitívan fogadta a váltást: „Sok rákban szenvedő nő írt, hogy erőt ad a történetem nekik, és nekem pontosan ez volt a célom. Most a helyreállító beavatkozás lépéseit közvetítem, és érzem, hogy a sok pozitív energiától a felépülésem is gyorsabban megy” – mesélte az amerikai Cosmónak a bátor lány.

*Viewer discretion advised* Just when you thought it couldn't get weirder😬You should probably abstain from eating while watching again. Yesterday was a big day. Drains came out AND I got my expanders filled with saline for the first time. That means my doctor came in with two massive syringe needles filled w/ 60ccs, found the port in my breast with a magnet and went to work! This is happening in order to get ready for reconstructive surgery in two months. The expanders will become implants (and yes, I know there has been a lot of info out about implant illness recently. I have been doing my research.) The needle insertion is quite shocking but due to the surgery, I lost all feeling in my boobs (for now, I may regain some feeling) so I couldn't feel a thing. It actually was more uncomfortable when she was putting iodine on my skin beforehand for sterilization purposes. You know that numb feeling you get when leaving the dentist?😝Yeah it was just like that. The remainder of the day was a bit painful since there was a lot of pressure from the inside as well as the outside with the compression bra. I had a weird pinch in my back so I spent the rest of the day on a heating pad just resting😏Next week I'll get my second fill and so on. Yay progress! #LesleysBreasties #LesNipsBRCAintheBud #BreastCancerAwareness #FightLikeAGirl

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Boob size goin' up on a Tuesday😳💉 #ouch #thatsabigneedle #pinkcapewemeetagain

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Stuffing bras since the 90s (•)(•) Red stripes, white gauze, blue sunnies🇺🇸…I tried🤷🏼‍♀️ #july4th #stuffed #whyamioutofbed

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Ha a fotók pedig nem lennének elég beszédesek, a blogger hosszabb leírásokat is ad a posztjaihoz, ahol őszintén ír a fájdalmas és a könnyebb pillanatokról is. „Bármilyen nehéz is legyen, ez döbbentett rá igazán arra, hogy milyen erős is vagyok, és ez mindennél többet jelent számomra!” Szerencsére Lesley egyre jobban van, szóval hamarosan folytatja majd kalandos utazásait, amiről biztosan megosztja a legszebb élményeket!

Over the past 12 weeks, I had a prophylactic double mastectomy and watched as 90 CCs of saline were pumped into my expanders every Tuesday, making a grand total of 460 CCs. It's been my craziest adventure to-date…I would literally look down in my plastic surgeon's office and watch my nurse insert the most massive needle into my boobs where they would then grow right before my eyes. Medicine is the coolest, and even though they don't exactly look natural in this photo (or any day for that matter), I kind of love them and all of their awkwardness. In just 83 days, I went from a completely flat chest in horrific pain to somewhere around a comfortable C-cup. Well…as comfortable as I can be in these expanders. The best way I can describe them is like two big boulders on my chest. True story: I tell everyone to poke them just because I think it's hilarious to see their look of shock once they feel how hard they are🤣It's insane to think that going from expanders to implants isn't apples to apples, and my exact size is ultimately up to my plastic surgeon's discretion tomorrow as he decides what fits/looks the best (since I'll be comatose on an O.R. table and can't exactly make final decisions🤷🏼‍♀️). I was always indecisive anyways, and I trust him wholeheartedly. We've had many convos about this :) In a few hours I'll be back in the hospital completing a task I knew I'd set out to do the moment I found out I was BRCA 2 positive. Knowledge is power and I feel powerful knowing I kicked cancer's ass before it could kick mine. The past 3 months have been a whirlwind. Thank you to all of my followers, readers, friends and family from the bottom of my heart for all of your messages and support. I wish I could adequately explain how much you have helped my recovery process. I love you to the O.R. and back!💞 Wearing @goodnightmacaroon. #lesleysbreasties #lesnipsbrcainthebud #breastcancerawareness

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