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Carrie Bradshaw-ként pózolt egy férfi, sztár lett belőle

Amióta a Szex és New York befutott, nők milliói próbálták leutánozni Carrie trendi szettjeit, nemrég pedig egy New York-i pasi is megkísérelte ezt, és villámgyorsan igazi Insta-hírességé vált!

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Carrie Bradshaw-ként pózolt egy férfi, sztár lett belőle

Ha megkérdeznénk, hogy szerinted melyik sorozatszereplő a legstílusosabb, te is rögtön rávágnád, hogy Carrie Bradshaw a Szex és New Yorkból, ugye? Sarah Jessica Parker ikonikus és – valljuk be – sokszor cseppet sem hétköznapi szettjei rengeteg nőt megihlettek, de most kiderült, hogy a srácokra is nagy hatással volt. Legalábbis a meleg pasikra… A 32 éves Dan Clay ugyanis idén Halloweenkor Carrie-nek öltözött, amiről egy képet is megosztott Instagramon. A fotó pedig világhírűvé tette, ugyanis reposztolta egy SATC fanklub, majd maga SJP is reagált rá.

Clay azóta Carrie több híres outfitjét is „felpróbálta”, és akkora sikere van, hogy 900-ról majdnem 18 ezerre nőt a követőinek száma. Gyanítjuk, hogy hamarosan otthagyja ügyvédi állását, és hivatalosan is a színésznő hasonmásaként kezd dolgozni!

Was love dead? As I thought back on another broken heart, another painful setback, missed connection, defeat for love–I couldn’t help but wonder: In today’s fast-paced world, does love stand a chance? Or is it just another victim of the changing times, as outdated as bell bottoms and record stores? Some say love is a flower. My garden had been trampled on. But for a flower, a storm isn’t the end. A storm is food. A seed needs more than sunshine to grow. It needs dirt, and rain, and sometimes even darkness. And you plant a garden believing tomorrow will be bright—but you don’t stop there. You water it, and care for it, and do what it takes to help the seeds push through the dirt to see the sun. I wasn’t ready to give up on love. Because maybe the secret to finding love is to just keep loving. Even when you’re told that love is not enough, you just keep loving. And maybe it’s less about finding love and more about growing it. It takes work, and dirt, but one day you blossom and color the world with love. ⛈🌼🇺🇸❤️ #carriedragshaw

Dan Clay (@dan_clay) által közzétett fénykép, 2016. Nov 10., 05:15 PST

In a city as big as New York, we have more than one of everything. Two baseball teams. Two ballet companies. And three newspapers–each with different readers. Journal readers go to conferences, Times readers go to benefits, and Post readers go to bed with you. And they all wanted to go to Augustine. At the corner of “See” and “Be Seen,” Augustine was the Manhattan restaurant of the moment, and since Samantha was running PR for their soft opening we had a hard-to-get table for four. And we had something to celebrate: that magical moment in girl friends’ lives when you’re all single at the same time. But as I made my way to our overdressed and undersexed table, I couldn’t help but wonder: were we like that hot reservation that everyone wanted but no one could get? Or were we that old has-been restaurant that everyone forgot? Extra! Extra! Four single women! Were we hot off the presses or yesterday’s news? Whatever we were, we’d be it together. #carriedragshaw

Dan Clay (@dan_clay) által közzétett fénykép, 2016. Nov 13., 06:03 PST

It can be hard out there for a single girl, but there are a few words that provide instant comfort: “Vogue September Issue,” “2-for-1 Cosmopolitans,” “Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale,” and “Perfect First Date Follow-Up.” PFDFU. It’s flirty and funny. Easy, breezy, and cool. He’s clearly into it and you’re like a pair of purple control top pantyhose: fun and holding it all together. It takes you right back to that perfect first date, when the conversation flowed effortlessly, the spark lit instantly, and the first kiss felt like fate. As you flirt on the phone, you float on a cloud that seems to sparkle from the inside, and for a moment you forget your baggage, you forget your past, you forget how many times you’ve felt this feeling before but it failed to last…and you smile. I couldn’t help but wonder: Maybe love is like a mobile phone. When you have a good connection, you’ve just got to keep talking and hope for the best. #CarrieDragshaw

Dan Clay (@dan_clay) által közzétett fénykép, 2016. Dec 19., 04:59 PST

Yesterday I did a guest post for the brilliant queens of @everyoutfitonsatc and I wanted to post it too because 1) it’s my favorite scene in the show 🐎, 2) it’s my favorite Carrie caption I’ve written so far, 3) I made that fu*king bag, and 4) most importantly people have been so nice I wanted to say thank you! You are making this little queen smile huge ❤CD❤ In New York, if you want to know how the other half lives, you head to the Plaza—the hotel where Chanel got tea, Gatsby got mad, Sinatra got applause…and Big got away. As he drove off with his perfectly simple fiancé, I started thinking about My Other Half. What happens to the girls who never find theirs? Was my heart a half-empty hotel, with a “Big Vacancy” sign on the revolving door? I couldn’t help but wonder: Did some women need to tone down to settle down? Change their shape to find a match, change their soul to find a mate? Or could it be that life isn’t about searching for someone who makes you complete—it’s about realizing you already are. And maybe, just maybe, we’re born with the love we’re meant to find. And if the world says tone it down—turn it up. Because your true other half knows you’re already whole. #CarrieDragshaw

Dan Clay (@dan_clay) által közzétett fénykép, 2016. Dec 20., 05:14 PST

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