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A karantén unalmas órái most már elég sok netes kihívást szültek: a #PillowChallange indította a lavinát, aztán jöttek valamivel kínosabb és ötletesebb challange-ek is. Most pedig megérkezett a trend, amit minden divatrajongó imádni fog! Mivel ugyebár a koronavírus miatt idén elmarad a Met-gála, ezért az Instázók úgy döntöttek, otthon rekreálják a legikonikusabb szetteket az eseményről. A #MetGalaChallange-be pasik, csajok, gyerekek és sztárok is beszálltak irtó vicces vagy meglepően kreatív megoldásokkal. Muszáj csekkolnod!

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lady gaga at the met gala: at home edition ✨ feat my dad as the umbrella helper in a suit and my mom as the camera person :D (they are the real mvps here 😤💕) . . but this is my official entry for @voguemagazine ‘s #metgalachallenge! The goal was to recreate iconic met gala looks at home, and this is my take on @brandonmaxwell ‘s design for @ladygaga – feat. pink bedsheets, laudrybaskets, my black photo backdrop, and other clothes i had around the house! . . (sorry there is no part 2 showing the making of the pink coat! Midterms are currently kicking my butt, so i had to rush this project a bit, and that meant no time to film and edit part 2 😅 but nevertheless, i really wanted to get it done, and I’m glad i was able to! its not exactly my best work, but it was a fun challenge! :) ✨ . . Materials for this look were: – and old laundry bin – Carboard – Fanny pack – Scrap black fabric & muslin – Zip ties – old photo backdrop – a lot of hot glue/thread/pins – Pink bedsheets – clothes/accessories from around the house – and my blonde lio (promare) wig haha . . I know this isn’t like my normal style of project, but thank you all so much for coming along for the ride! . . . . #metgala #diy #diyfashion #fashion #cosplay #cosplaywip #crescentshay #recycledfashion #redcarpet #fashiondress #ladygaga #ladygagacosplay #redcarpetdress #eveningdress #historicalcostuming

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🎵California girls they’re unforgettable Diamond shoes, chandeliers on top🎶 ✨💡✨💡✨💡✨💡✨💡✨💡✨ Last minute as always but quickly threw together this make-shift chandelier look inspired by @katyperry at the @metgalaofficial 2018 💃🏻 I’ve been told by quite a few people that I look like her so I’ve always wanted to cosplay her but I had no idea it’d be this look but here we are 😂 I literally came up with this idea this morning as my mom found this old broken but still just as beautiful chandelier that she thought might be a good fit for our renovated new home & ding! 💡I immediately thought of #katyperry’s #metgala outfit by @moschino designer @itsjeremyscott 🤩 So in order to work with what little time & resources I had there were some optical illusions & super janky photoshopping needed 🙈 but you can see the behind the scenes video of how I was behind it (while my cat‘s tail photobombed me 😹) Definitely not my best work but you guys should know how absolutely obsessed I am with lights & even though it doesn’t hold a candle to the absolutely incredible original, I think it’s passable?? lol 😅👍🏻✨💡✨💡✨💡✨ #metgalachallenge @jeremyscott @voguemagazine @theebillyporter #metgala2020 #closetcosplay #lit #metgalaredcarpet #metgalaathome #quarantinelife

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Repost!!! Alright #MetGala and @badgalriri! Week 2, day 1. Let’s #stayin and #create I like to challenge myself and I get so inspired by the real queens of today! Shoutout to @badgalriri dress and obviously @nytimes who made it easy to recreate! @vogue @nytimes @badgalriri @theellenshow @jimmyfallon @latenightseth @jimmykimmellive @instylemagazine #stayin #quarantinecouture2020 #coronacarpet @oprah @heidiklum @recyclesmarter #recycle #recycledfashion @usatoday @worldstar #usatoday #worldstar #nytimesfashion #nytimes #sethmeyers #saturdaynightlive #latenightshow #rhianna #badgalriri #metgalachallenge @thebillyporter #billyporter @maisonmargiela #maisonmargiela @fentybeauty #fentybeauty @savagexfenty #savagexfenty #theskinny #abcwnn @annieleibovitz @phuckyorihanna_ @stephenjonesmillinery @jgalliano #homegala @mindykaling @timgunn @makingthecuttv @heidiklum @crfashionbook #metgalaofficial @metgalaofficial @costumeawards

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Just found out about the #MetGalaChallenge two hours ago and had to get in on the fun! The challenge is to recreate a past Met Gala look using only materials that you have at home. Here’s my recreation of @dianekruger in @prabalgurung in 2018, made with:⁣ ⁣ -two bath towels, two hand towels, and a washcloth ⁣(not a matching set, naturally) -a gazillion safety pins⁣🧷 -aluminum foil⁣ -headband⁣ -tape⁣ -tulle ⁣ -a throw pillow strategically held in place to make the butt poufs extra pouffy 😂⁣ ⁣ @voguemagazine @theebillyporter @metmuseum @metcostumeinstitute @themetgalaofficial #metgalachallenge #dianekruger #quarantine #whatidowhenimnotathehospital #metgala #prabalgurung #quarantinecouture #pandemicbutmakeitfashion #dammitjim #imadoctornotafashiondesigner

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My take on the #MetGalaChallenge ! For this challenge I really wanted to choose a look that was close to my heart and use sustainable materials! I’ve admired @lanacondor ‘s work ever since I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before because It was the first time I had seen a half Asian half Caucasian character being played on western media. Representation truly matters and I was so happy seeing someone like me on screen. At the 2019 #MetGala, she wore a dress by @giambattistavalliparis I absolutely love their work with tulle, and it actually inspired one of my pieces in my last collection. This dress is made from materials I recycled from trash I found in my neighborhood, I think it’s plastic used when moving furniture. I absolutely loved the pleating on it and had been holding onto it since January. I believe there’s something quite special about using materials that was about to be thrown out to create something beautiful. All of the plastic is hand sewn onto the dress so it took me a few days to make but I think it was absolutely worth it! Thank you @voguemagazine and @theebillyporter for such a marvelous challenge, I had SO much fun making this dress 🤩💖 (More photos on my page & my website!!)

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