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„Ezért ebédeltem együtt meztelenül idegenekkel”

Ez így elsőre elég furán hangzik, igaz? Pedig egy bloggerlány állítja, hogy mindenkinek ki kellene próbálnia a pucér kajálást.

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„Ezért ebédeltem együtt meztelenül idegenekkel”

A 28 éves Jessa O’Brientől nem áll messze a meztelenkedés, hiszen szinte mindenhol a ruhamentességre szavaz, ahol csak tud. Még egy Instagram profilt is létrehozott, amit hamar letörölt az oldal, mert túl merésznek találta. Azóta egy pucérblogban mesél a tapasztalatairól és arról, mennyire felszabadító érzés ruhátlanul járni-kelni. Legutóbb viszont még az olvasóit is megdöbbentette, amikor egy szál semmiben ült le ebédelni egy szintén pucér párral.

„Ne a borító alapján ítélj meg egy könyvet és ne a ruhája alapján skatulyázz be egy embert” – mondta Jessa, akinek ez a fő üzenete az életformájával.

| NEW BLOG: DINING NAKED WITH STRANGERS | Yes, I’ve done exactly what the title reads…dined naked with complete strangers 😁 Everything out there for all to see as I sat there scoffing down my dinner…not one part of our bodies clothed. Given I was wearing no clothing, the only thing separating my ass and the chair was a towel, a hygiene measure in place at most nudist resorts. Sitting outside in the sunshine, listening to the birds sing, surrounded by trees, a pool and spa a stone’s throw away, all accompanied by great conversation; I was in my own little paradise ☀️🌻🌈🐤🦋 Perhaps fifteen minutes into my conversation with a married couple from Gladstone, I stopped to think about how odd this would seem to most other people…the fact that I was sitting there completely naked discussing politics and whatnot with a couple I had met only fifteen minutes prior 🤔… Read more by clicking the link in my bio 🙌🏽 PS.. I wrote this piece in April 2016, before I ever launched my blog…all whilst it was still an idea in the making! 😮 I had always planned on this post being the first I published, but it didn't happen, and just continued to sit there in my long list of notes and posts…until now 😁🙌🏽 Meeting this couple, and the rest of my experience that weekend in January 2016, was what actually gave me the idea to start 'The Nude Blogger' as we know it now 👊🏼 The idea was to open up and discuss my more 'taboo' experiences to help broaden others' perspectives and encourage tolerance and diversity by allowing them the opportunity (through my writing and sharing) to understand others' lifestyle choices. So here it is! Enjoy 😘 Xx . . #naturism #nudism #lifestyle #taboo #nudist #resort #summer #perception #conscious #tolerance #diversity #respect #unity #nonjudgement #share #blog #awareness #health #yoga #yogi #vegan #australia

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Állítása szerint a pár is remekül érezte magát az étkezés során és mindenről fesztelenül tudtak beszélgetni, észre sem vették, hogy nincs rajtuk ruha, hiszen nem a meztelen test volt a középpontban.

Szerinte mindenkinek ki kellene próbálni, mert felszabadító érzés és boldog, hogy vannak olyan nudista helyek, ahol szabadon hódolhat ennek az életstílusnak. Te bevállalnál egy ilyen vacsit mondjuk a pasiddal és a legjobb barátaiddal?

🌞 BLISSED OUT 🌞 How I feel about being at the beach and eating papaya naked in the sun 🌊 . . It is these simple treasures in life that remind us to be grateful. The simple things that are always abundant and readily accessible. The simple things that help to keep us grounded and connected. Connection with Mother Earth, with ourselves and the acknowledgement and gratitude for our interconnectedness helps us to expand into our highest potential and helps us to reconnect with our True essence, our inner BLISS ✨ . . What are some of the simple things you enjoy in life? Those simple things that make your heart sing with joy and delight 🙏🏽 Comment below 👇🏽 . . #bliss #beach #sun #ocean #naked #papaya #yoni #joy #happy #simplicity #nature #connection #mother #earth #gaia #divine #feminine #radiant #health #expansive #upgrade #breathe #yogi #yoga #vegan #australia #weekend #vibes

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MELBOURNE MIXED NAKED YOGA 👫👭👬 (teaching whilst bleeding) ❤️ First mixed class in Melbourne was such a wonderful success! Such an amazing group of men and women who travelled from far and wide to attend this class… one from as far as Canberra! Legends 🙌🏽 It is always so refreshing to be able to stand naked in front of both men and woman without feeling objectified…without feeling sexualised, but rather being able to stand freely in my natural form, knowing that it is NORMAL and NATURAL. This was also the first time I was menstruating teaching a mixed naked yoga session… and I openly rocked it! ❤️ I mean, there was no hiding it… and nor should I have to! If we're to embark on normalising nudity, same goes for periods 🌺 They're both as natural as each other… perhaps a little more foreign to males, but I think it is so important to normalise this for men too, to remove the taboo around it… remove the awkwardness around bleeding. We all either have mothers, sisters, daughters, partners or female friends. I touched on the subject at the beginning of the class, and everybody was so respectful and open. So thankful that I was made to feel so comfortable 🙏🏽 What a f**king epic group of people! ✊🏽 It is always such an honour to provide this safe space for men and women…and to have this safe space also provided for me 🙏🏽 I can't wait to do this again when I'm down in Melbourne next. Thank you for an amazing evening all 🙏🏽 Much love and gratitude 🙏🏽 . . #melbourne #mixed #naked #yoga #men #women #yogi #normalisenudity #period #blood #menstruation #magic #normaliseperiods #natural #body #positive #divine #feminine #goddess #shakti #love #grateful #blessed #sacred #space

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