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Ez a lány azért nem talál munkát, mert túl szép

Biztosan te is tapasztaltad már, hogy mennyire nehéz a mai világban megfelelő munkát találni. Van, hogy azért nem vesznek fel, mert nincs elég gyakorlatod, máskor meg éppen túlképzett vagy… Eközben a világ túloldalán egy Maria Thattil nevű ausztrál infulenszer attól szenved, hogy túl szép ahhoz, hogy dolgozni tudjon.

A 27 éves Maria egy ausztrál lapnak adott interjúban fakadt ki, és mesélte el, hogy úgy érzi, a szépsége miatt rengeteg hátrány éri a mindennapokban. Mint mondta, az emberek egyszerűen képtelenek a külsején kívül mást is meglátni benne.

Oké, valljuk be, ez így elsőre egy kicsit nevetségesen hangzik, de az interjúból kiderült, hogy a lánynak tényleg nincs könnyű dolga. Hiába van például egy alapszakos pszichológia és egy mesterszakos HR diplomája, a szakmájában egyszerűen képtelen elhelyezkedni, a dögös megjelenése miatt ugyanis mindenki butának gondolja. Elmesélte, hogy amikor először helyezkedett el gyakornokként egy cégnél, a főnöknője ráparancsolt, hogy legyen mindig extra kedves mindenkihez, különben az emberek a szépsége miatt könnyen beképzeltnek gondolhatják. Egy későbbi férfi főnöke pedig azt is megszabta neki, hogy mennyi sminket viselhet az irodában. De Maria szerint már az iskolában is pletykáltak róla az osztálytársai, azt terjesztették, hogy biztosan csak azért jutott be az egyetemre, mert megtetszett a vezetőségnek.


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Tomorrow is a special day for 28 phenomenal women who have poured their heart into growing & striving to make Australia proud. In a year of challenge, the program has given us something to strive for – in the concrete we have bloomed. It has helped me to stay rooted in my ‘why,’ brought people into my life who enrich it and it’s helped me to realise … I have everything I need to show up as a leader in my life right now. I’m leaving this program richer, wiser, inspired and more ‘me’ and have the foundation for a path aligned to my dreams of purpose, service and change. As tomorrow brings a beautiful experience to an end, I just want to say thank you to everyone who made this program the best experience it could be: @troybarbagallo, @sophiabarbagallo and the @pinktankevents team for giving me a chance and being as supportive as humanly possible through every high and low. @simonrossmsp @jasminestringer and the @minespecparts team – for supporting Australian women in their pursuits. No matter who wins, that money will be one of the best investments you make. @eimele_australia and every other partner and sponsor – YOU are the reason we get to experience this. The reason strong women get to take Australia to the global stage. @toyboxinternational – for allowing us to live in alignment with our highest self supporting you. To both mine and the pageant community – your love is a light in my life. An extension of my friends and family and it’s a beautiful thing to feel believed in. My mum, Big Tony, @saltlordd, bestfriends and Axel. You breathe confidence and inspiration into me all my life and I hope I’ve made you proud. And to the 27 women I’m honoured to stand up there with. It has been one of my proudest achievements to be up there with you. We are a winning collective and we have and will continue to make waves – let’s do this. 🙏🏽❤️ #MissUniverseAustralia

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Do you find yourself sometimes unwittingly choosing a scarcity mindset over abundance? ❤️ It means being grateful for what you do have, when scarcity tells you to focus on loss. It means focusing on yourself because you know you can create limitlessly, instead of worrying about what others are doing. It means believing you already are what you aspire to be, instead of focusing on what you lack. Importantly, it means recognising that another person’s success, happiness or opportunities are a sign that these things are also possible for you, instead of believing that it somehow takes from you. Scarcity breeds more scarcity through envy and self-doubt. Those emotions and thoughts have low energy frequencies – so no matter how your mind convinces you that the scarcity mindset is valid, it is going to attract more low vibrational events, people and experiences into your life. It’s unconscious self-sabotage. Because we are creators by our very nature, it is powerful when your thoughts, actions and words are aligned to abundance instead. Creation happens when our energy matches our intentions. Why let your mind get in the way? Thinking this is going to be a Mind With Me ep. Love x #Wordstoliveby #Style #Fashion #Abundance #abundancemindset #mindset #empowerment #growth #energy

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“Big, dark brows look ‘too dark’ with the rest of your features.” “Colour on your lips makes them ‘too’ big.” “Plum would look heavy on your skin?” I did a makeup qualification and even then I realised I wouldn’t abide by the “rules.” Wear/style/be however you feel. For me, makeup is for fun, joy and expression! Which is your favourite mood? 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5? Wearing @alisonjadebrows Brow Pomade in Dark Brown Brow Soap brushed up with the Brow Brush Makeup @alisonjadecosmetics Mineral Foundation in Almond Contour Palette through eyes and to bronze 💄 Look One: Pressed Pigments Palette 5 on eyes with Matte lipstick in Mamacita 💄 Look 2: Liquid Cream lipstick in Snatched 💄 Look 3: Liquid Cream lipstick in Socialite 💄 Look 4: Matte lipstick in Sugar Kisses 💄 Look 5: Liquid Cream lipstick in Get It On

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Honoured to be featured in a @popsugar article alongside 49 other South Asian influencers talking about what representation in the industry and style means to us. The list is international, but the thing we have in common is our excitement to celebrate the parts of our culture hidden or misrepresented by mainstream media, and represent in arenas we’ve been previously excluded from. We all encourage style as a medium to carry yourself with pride, to find personal freedom. I want to credit my love @nikitacharuza for driving this piece. This piece shows why it is so important to have diverse, representative panels of editors, managers, leaders and decision makers BTS, in the infrastructure of different industries. Because having a voice at the table means diversity is not an after-thought or a quota, it’s an inclusive consideration, it’s something we do because the voices making decisions actually represent the communities we are serving. Representation at the decision making level inclusive of all social identities is the ONLY way we will have a society that actually reflects the world we live in. Thank you Nikita for the opportunity and @amidesai for connecting me with her. ❤️ #Representation #Southasian #inclusion #diversity #brownskingirls #style #beauty #fashion #makeup #fashionstyle

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We’re back 🙏🏽 TONIGHT #MINDWITHME This ep is inspired by something I’ve been working through for the past year: and it is living, studying and influencing how energy in the people and relationships around me helps or hinders. We talk about ‘good/bad’ vibes but what does that actually mean? Because at a quantum physics and biochemical level, the energy of the people you keep around you TANGIBLY impacts you. As someone who has been in lockdown for 6 months, I haven’t always been able to choose the energy I am around – and it hasn’t always been good. The energy you are around matters because it has immense influence on not only your thoughts, but your feelings, your actions, your outlook and ultimately your health. Tonight in Ep 19, I want to talk about energy – what is it? And why do we need to/how can we curate a positive space? As always, we do it with a solutions focused lens, so I want to share and discuss strategies that we can all tangibly deploy in our own lives. See you tonight at 6:30pm AEST x

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The face of a woman who is so chuffed to have had the opportunity to pre-record her @missuniverseaustralia.official Interview despite being at home – how’s that for adaptability? ✨❤️ In true Aussie spirit, Team VIC have been flexible and my goodness do I have solid gratitude for the accomodation and initiative of the @pinktankevents team. 🇦🇺🇦🇺 Despite being at home – I felt confident to show up as my best self with a little help from: @pola_smile At-Home Whitening @seamless1 extensions and @delorenzohaircare Sandstorm spray for this blowout @alisonjadebrows for taming my brows after a 7 month appointment hiatus @billy_j_boutique for the beautiful dress and @christianpaulwatches for a touch of elegance. Bring on October 28th! Proud of our girls ❤️ #MissUniverseAustralia #Minespecparts #eimeleaustralia #polasmile

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A sztorihoz egyébként még az is hozzátartozik, hogy Maria lett idén a Miss Universe Australia első helyezettje, tehát kétségtelen, hogy a szépségével tényleg mindenkit le tud nyűgözni. Most már csak az a kérdés, hogy egy 1-től 5-ig tartó skálán te mennyire tudod átérezni a problémáját?


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How can you not beam with this exquisite piece of art in your hands? Privileged to represent my country wearing a Crown that does exactly that so beautifully. Being united with this Crown after a virtual Final was special. @stelios_jewellers partnered with renowned Indigenous artist @djurandi_dreaming to create a piece that serves as a tribute to our First Nations people. As a woman who prides herself on belonging to a multicultural society enriched by our powerful, rich First Nations history and culture – I cannot express the pride I feel wearing a Crown that honours the traditional owners of the land we live on. @missuniverseaustralia.official – thank you for the honour. Thank you @msfionabyrne for the wonderful chat (as always), @robleeson for the laugh and the great shots – and Mr Scott and the team at @sofitelmelbourneoncollins for their hospitality. Hair by @caterinadibiase at @headingouthair Dress @onsboutique (@lovenookie) Watch @christianpaulwatches #MissUniverse #Missuniverseaustralia

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Címkék: állás állásinterjú ausztrál ausztrália hr influenszer Maria Thattil munka pszichológia szépségkirálynő túl szép

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